Monday, March 8, 2010

Breath Easy.

Me & Moi

" Moi.. punya panas kan skrg.. diruma pun balik2 bpeluh ba "
" Ya.. sb ramai suda org berdosa kan d dunia"


i seriously cannot stand the heat. It's freaking hot here & Ew.. I was sweating ALL DAY. eventho i spent most of my times in the bathroom - MANDI! huh. i wonder what's the Mother Nature trying to warn us -_-

Anyway, i woke pretty late today. i didnt realized my hp was on silent mode. i even wondered why d heck i shut it up.. :D & that explain WHY i didnt hear any of incoming call and sms.. only realized when i woke up in blurry and slowly took my hp closely to my face.. i saw

99 Missed Calls

wtf? REALLY?
i wiped my eyes for a minute and looked at it again.

99 Missed Calls
10 Messages

omg. seriously 99 times? what time was it?
It's havent passed the noon yet.
crap..i promised someone i'll return his call!
and i can clearly imagined his face was like this:


but luckily, i was forgiven!

dengan pesanan : Next time kasi full volume!!


Sorry T_T


" sometimes you have to do something against your will for everybody's sake.. eventho it's killing you and hurting them but if that's the best for everyone, then why not doing it? "


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Cath J said...

99 miss call????????????? fuh yooooooo!!!