Friday, March 12, 2010

Nagging :P

Hi guys :)
time flies that fast, yet again.
my Dad keeps nagging me like a mother used to be these nowadays [my mum let my dad do the part actually :P] When dad started to nag, i cant gives any more excuse to get myself out from him. but he's absolutely right, i spend too much myself at home.

" bukan ko patut start keja suda ka ?? "

last time, i was only smiling at my brother when daddy nagged him - same thing, same words - almost everyday.. but now my turnnnnn suda.. sinis.. sinis la dadi sa ni.

sikit sa mau jawab : dad, sa keja jadi housewife seja la... buli ka?

Hihi. hopefully i'll received good news soonest la kan? i miss to be in the office somehow :) anyway, will be out in another few minutes. mum waiting for us to do some pedi & manicures :D tomorrow will be the BIGGEST day of my sister's life! It's her wedding day!!! yeyeyeye. oh, in fact, my ugly truth is : i dont have any purple dress, yet, for that ceremony -_- & still searching through my closet.

last minute. last minute.

well, that's it for now :)

p/s: i remembered this looks from one of the Kanggaroo in Caversham Wildlife Park, begging for food.. this is exactly how i looked like at this moment. begging for purple dress/baju kurung!!

"ninie.. ninie... want my foood......"

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