Thursday, March 4, 2010

Love, Love & Love

Tomorrow will be my sister's big m o m e n t.
I prayed for her happy life ahead :)

How does it feels when you were so in love with this man, he's like the BEST man in the world & the comparison between him and your ex[s] are way too big? He done everything for you, to please you every second, holding your hand in the crowd just to makes them jealous, prepare your foods and mostly, do something crazy just to see your giggling and smile when you do so?

one second, you thought, like you're the only person he has ever done all of these sweet things to you, and that makes you feel like THE TOP OF THE WORLD.. & Lucky yeah.

Only knowing that he actually doing the SAME thing to other girl, at the same time?
sucks kan? and FUGLY.
kesian my friend, she thought she's the ONLY one after years only to found out that there's other girl sharing with her.
Love is complicated :)
It's like : You have to kiss many frogs to find your true Prince

& im glad that my sister finally found her Happiness :)
It meant alot to the whole family.
To my brother in law : Treat her Right cause Dad is more garang than you thought :P

Found this one in the internet!!!!!
It's my Lappy's cover :P
and it actually has a words "should we be doubtful in love"

If God sees you need a mate,
He will provide the right one at the right time

- Love, Dating & Marriage Books
[my ex-manager gave to me as a birthday present]

& when the moment comes, you'll knew it :)

Oh heck, mumbling here and there. should stop by now :) To those who face the hardest moment in their life - at the moment - remember, IT'S just a TEMPORARY thingy & you're not alone :D

to my bf : hehe i m i s s you :D


Gallivanter said...

Nice! I have found the ONE for me too and will be marrying here in May di KK. :-)

Cath J said...

Congrats to your sister.. ^_^