Monday, March 15, 2010

Im losing her :(

But that's okay :')
cause i did lose her to someone better :)
someone she loves, someone she was loved.
& im truly HAPPY for her that
she finally found her happiness!!

Congratulations sister! my ONLY one sister in fact.
May you both will be happy - ever after -
& a way and strength to overcome any obstacle that might come in between.

cheers with love!



Uncle Greg said...

Congratulations to Kobie

si Kadus Mama pun ada oh hehe, bah don't worry gia ... she's in good hand ... congrats to you too ada tambahan member dalam family :)

Cath J said...

congrats to your sister.... jgn sedih2 ahh.. ^_^

Adora said...

Congrats to Kobie & her husband. May they live happily & love each other forever. Amen.