Sunday, March 21, 2010

A day in Kota Marudu :)

Morningggg! everyone goes to sleep already except me. all of us - are - at this living room, sleeping like a sardin but in a nice way. hehe i miss having all my relatives around :) esp when you dont get to see them everyday ya.

Auntie's wedding was awesome! We danced, Laughing and having a great time! just that the Hotel Management should do something about their aircond. we're burning. i smell like a fish. huh. But it can be forgiven, all of us did enjoy that evening :)

when i think about wedding, i tend to sympathize myself.
and i dunno why.

anyway, to my aunty .. CONGRATULATIONS! you look so beautiful today and may you both will live happily ever after.


p/s: something telling me it might be you.. all of my life.. maybe it's you... maybe it's you.. ive been waiting for . . all of my life...

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