Monday, March 29, 2010

come what may :)

Boooo skype & ym! it's so frustrating when you cant have what you want. like, u need to talk with someone but the line is zero.. these two connections arent helping at all! Booooo! anyway, i told myself of going to bed early tonight but nah, here i am, almost 2 am and still awake. Im sicks of waking up late everyday and no matter how hard i try of pulling myself out from the bed, i somehow failed. My eyes will ONLY going to shut at 6am onwards. jeez. maybe sleeping pills is what i need.

Well, life has been kind to me lately.. It seems like i was given a second chance to live life again. I stopped my mind from thinking way too much already, let myself free/out in everything i do now and learn how to accept things the way it is. Sometimes it heartache to wake up and found things arent the same as before but slowly, i learn to accept those changes.

Whatever happens, happen. Whatever will be, will be.
I may be sounds a little bit ironic, but for now, i just go with flow.
come what may :)

i believed there's a point in everybody's life where they have to stop struggling and let life show them the ways. at least, for awhile. and it happens for a reason.

it's true ;
"Separation is a wound that no one can heal, But, remembrance is a gift that no one can steal"

at least i have a good memories to share with my kids in the future :) and most of all, i was happy.

cheers! :)

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