Thursday, March 11, 2010

meet me halfway.

Sneezing! sneezing! uhhuu.

Morning guys. i feel like a stone hit my very small head soon i woke up this morning but im glad this flu slowly recovered.. and it didnt get worse today ; like i have yesterday. a reason to start today with a smile :)

will going back to Ranau in a shortwhile.
i miss my bed hoho.

& currently listening to 21 GUNS - ah, i miss this song. i miss how i listen to it.. [yea. if u know what i mean] :P

" Do you know what's worth fighting for, when it's not worth dying for?"

gotta go :) have a great day guys.

p/s: did i ever told you how i fond on sunset? :)

1 comment:

AngeL BeaR said...

u took the sunset pic? It's beautiful! Always fond of trying out taking pics via my small cam...but lately too busy...uhuhuhu...