Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inhale, Exhale

i was lying on my bed few hours before, looking straightly at the empty ceiling as my mind went away. next thing i know, i woke up with a blurry image in my eyes. i saw only blackness.. until i moved my body to stand perfectly, then the images became more detailed.

great. i woke up the moment everybody goes to bed. sigh

i remembered picking up a call just now. was it a dream? and i remembered the madness voice pointing at me either. was it in my dream also? cant recall T_T Looking back at the empty ceiling really made me feel empty. hehe emptiness. thats d word. oh, here we go again. the so-dead-emo lady. hadnt i promised to stop being so freaking emo? hihi. inhale and exhale. Fuhhh Fuhhhh.... i need a new job! that makes me less emo i guess :D at least i have something to do rather than doing the same chores almost everyday. it gets boring. tho it trained me to soon become a great wife but i can always learn some other time. wait, did i just mentioned being a wife? hahaha jauhnya fikiran. hahaha! anyway, jobless means i have more time to think about EVERYTHING. that sucks. it's unhealthy.

Listening to Peter Pan - Mungkin Nanti right now. memories back at the mountain flashing back :) i was assigned at the Gunting Lagadan Hut that day, i brought my radio, hot Choco and Mee Meggie that moment. while i cooked my Meggie, i tuned this Mungkin Nanti song and suddenly there's this Swedish lady came out from her room and smiling at me. I was afraid that i tuned it too loud that awake her from sleep.. she then asked me:

" Song from Peter Pan? "

" ya. how can you possibly know that? "

" im a fan"

" really?"

"*laughing* nah, i was on the Bus express from kk to kinabalu park yesterday, the man inside the bus played the Karaoke On. and i heard this song. It's really nice song and catchy one.. are this band Malaysian?"


"Ariel good looking too!"

"omg. you know his name too!! you should buy their Cd & bring it home"

"after i descending"

i really miss those days :')

well, Nothing great happened today just that i can use my Maxis already :D hehe. Babai Digi. i surf the mobile internet ALOT before and the bills almost got me heart attacked! haha learn the lesson! understood! :P ... that's it for now. good nite guys :]


p/s: don't let me go... don't let me go..

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