Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ranau :D

yeye. Ranau already. hihi mcm yg tia perna balik kan? :D It's always feel good to be home :) my youngest bro and his buddies were cleaning d yard d moment we arrived. hehe rajin bha dorang ni. and luckily they're around, THEY CARRIED all our bags! haha i was laughing all d way up to balcony : they never tired to joke around for god's sake.

my brother recovered alot i can see. His wounds are slowly healing and he can walk normal suda.. & it's funny bha, one of his bestfriend ni.. my sister tanya dengan seriusnya ba..

kobie : "Riky, doktor ka MA yg rawat ko?"
Riky: "doktor.."
Kobie: "doktor apa?"
Gayub: "doktor perakaunan .. eh, falsafah"


actually, what my sister trying to point out was : Sepa nama tu doktor.
tp besala sabahan ni, APA & SIAPA kadang2 kita nampak mcm sama seja.. hihi

tpi Gayub jugala. hihi sot ba dia kadang2. haha

we do all d cleaning as soon we got here : d dirt was everywhere. ew!
but im glad im home :)

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bqth said...

wa..rajin jg ko Jane. bru smpi trus joining the cleaning. :) Nice girl..Bertuah sepa dpt sumandak uncle Atin ne.