Friday, March 19, 2010

Maybe It's You.

It's seven minutes after midnight.. i know i'll be, still, awake in d next couple of hours -__- I am critically in need of sleeping pill! Oh pill, where on earth could u be? .. TRUE! It's insanely dangerous if you get yourself addicted.. But it's hard to stay awake almost every night and 2 know d fact that you're completely alone... & u have to pretend ur brother is in d living room watching TV - which scares you less :D that's so me. I am one little freak lady.

Uh. i have a short conversation with a friend today.. it has opened my eyes widely actually. I didnt realized i makes things complicated that it supposed to be while i can actually makes it better. I was facing some issues fyi. No one would understand how i truly feel but those who have been in the same shoes like i do. Yea. no matter how struggle i am in perfected the situation, it just turn ugly. This friend of me told me that :

Your past is past. It happened. But you own your future, you have the right to decide of how it's going to be. The person who dealing with this problem is you and the person who's going to fix it is you.


that's it for now.
Cheers! xoxo

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