Tuesday, March 9, 2010

God bless his soul.

was at Kampung kota marudu last Sunday for my nenek's funeral. My sister, BIL & cousin departed from kk around 10 something and arrived at 12 - i guess. i was sleeping all the way cause went 'tunjuk bintang' a nite before. hihi. the last time i met my nenek was on last christmas, he was lying on the bed.. he looks okay for me that moment. But we cannot endure God's plan huh. When HE said 'okay, your time has come'.. we cannot beg Him for another stay right? But we bet, he's sitting next to our dearly Father up there already, free from any pains and happy :)

He actually told our aunties of what he wants after he died ;
1. buried him only after 3 days
2. no injection
3. those who come to visit the house MUST eat.

Most of our relatives were at the Graveyard the moment we arrived at the house, we waited for another minutes before mum, brother, SIL, aunties, uncles and cousins reached home. Oh, we've got to see some of our long-lost relatives..

here's some pictures for sharing :)

Mum's brother : Uncle Molony, Mum's sister: Aunty Nonong & Aunty Sophia
Brother In Law, sister Kobie, Cousin, Nephew Damien Ryan, me, Aunty Amy
Cousin Baby

Damien Ryan :D

on the way back kk, we sempat singgah beli MANY foods to eat in d car hihi.

cousin Rovanne & d black version of me

me and my sister.
i think i looks better on my back :P

to our dearly nenek
Rest In Peace
God be with you


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