Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Magic In Food.

Boring o. The weather getting warmer and warmer each day. It changed drastically in fact. We running out of trees - in the end,our generations might have to go to the museum only to see how trees look like. scary eh. I love nature pretty much, that's why it effected me that deep. frankly speaking, im a f r a i d.

im craving for foooooooooooooooooood since the last few hours! wait, correction.. since the last few days. i eat everything i saw including the most scary food which will fattening me but im still hungry.
da biawak kali ni dalam perut sa tau.
but i believe in magic. Magic in Food. haha It'll appeared if you make a wish sincerely from inside .or. at least, you think about it. hehe
i dont actually have the exact image of those food on my mind cause it kept changing from one second to another. But it's stop thinking when my very-close-person sms me while i was desperately-having-a-fantasy about FOOD. sounds bad yes.

Him: Turun Sekarang, da mau bincang.
Me: *bingung* pa yang mau bincang?
Him: Turun ja.

Few minutes later. i went downstairs to meet him.

Me: apa?
Him: masuk dalam kereta dulu
Me: *bingung*
tapi ikut juga la masuk dalam kereta..
Me: apa?
Him: .. hurmm............. *berfikir punya muka*
Me: *blank*
Me: *bingung*

after one second, i realized he's holding a Big Apple Donut's Box. and i was likeee..

Tedeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! HAPPY!
sebab sa lapar! hahahahaha

Him: Terkejut ka? Ingat da apa2 ka mau bincang?
Me: YA BA!
Him: hahahahahahahha

But it was really nice of him. That's what i called Magic In Food. You dont have to tell your desire and in a minute, it appeared. Pops!just like magic hehe THANK YOU ah :D

That's it for now.
til then, cheers!


I hope he will be strong to face any obstacle comes in his way ; whether the good one or the bad. I wish for his happiness ; everlasting one and May he'll be blessed every second, every minute, every hour and everyday for the rest of his life.

Those heartbreaking moment will only makes you stronger :)

i m i s s you.

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