Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't judge the book by its cover.

unless you've seen inside.

I was in Western Aussie last 23rd until 28th February with my sister & her two friends ; Leng and Komeng. It was a fun journey ^^ to experience their culture.. ESPECIALLY to stand the heat that was rising each day since we got there. 52 Degree guys! n we're still alive *grin* Thank You God!

the Aussie people are way too nice than i, had, expected. unlike the Asian we met, they looked at us like some kind of weird,very rude and they showing us this attitude like they're cool enough not to entertain us with our needs. For instance, we were lining up at this McD where this 3 Asian working. We ordered with a SMILE but they look at us like " what d hell you guys doing here? " .i went back to her asking for a sauce, and this Filipino's lady looked at me with her eyes like.. "wtf?"

We thought they'll be helpful since we came from the same region, right?
ah well, don't judge the book by its cover :)

These Australian indeed, surprising us :) They were kind enough to offer helps and some, even say hi / how are you :) me, my sister & Komeng were exchanging taking picture at this beach.. and suddenly, there's this white man approaching us and offer for his help.

Him: Hi ladies, do you want me to take a picture of you three?

We looked at each other..
what if he took our camera away?
but Komeng then offered her camera. After he snapped,
he then said ' Okay..'

Wow! this man was so nice! :D His friends then came to us and offering to take a picture the man with us :) Aww.. that's weird but nice :D The man then sat next to us, asking us the basic question - where we came from, how long we'll be here.. He introduced himself as Darren.

Dont' judge the book again by its cover, right? :D

The next morning, we went to Central Park, Northbridge - relaxing & listening the Jazz Live Band - taking picture like always and there's this white man offered the same thing like Darren did last night. It was really nice :) to my count, maybe there's like 5-6 people offered us the help. Bagus kan? hehe we dont have to beg for their courtesy.

:) judge inside.

stop now but will be right back - later! :D

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