Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear eyes, dont you need any rest now?

Haiya. It's 2 hours before everyone back to the reality [wake up].. n im still trying my best to get back to sleep. it's funny anyhow.. it seems like my inner side n me were quarrel why on earth im still awake. it goes so much like this:

Inner: omg. why are you still awake?
me: i know. it's 3 am already
Inner: go to sleep you big lady!
me: i cant sleep!
Inner: then, TRY!
me: still cant!
Inner: sleep, now!
me: jeez, now i realized why i always have this problem at night
Inner: of cant sleep early?
me: yea.
Inner: tell me.
me: maybe it's the process of me being part of the Cullen. Vampires awake at night!

and i didnt hear my inner's voice anymore. haha. okay, i know, it sounds totally crazy! im okay guys. just that, everyone goes to bed already, left me alone with the internet.. It's so not healthy! i downloaded some songs : wee.. i want to know what love is by Mariah Carey & Happy by Leona Lewis. Gosh, at least i have something to do rather than lying on my bed, looking at the ceiling and wondering. it wont help at all!

hurm. i should give it a try. to let my dearly eyes resting.
I have to get up pretty early this morning ; i REALLY need rest.

let us try, shall we?

Nite2 guys..

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Rhythm of My Soul said...

mana itu gonop ko moi??? setau sa ko x dpt tdr bila tda gonop ko ja....heheh