Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life can be too rough.

Howie Dowie guys :)
It's 13 minutes after midnight, changed shift with my sister : she went to bed already and i continue surfing.. tho i dunno what else should i browse. sometimes, i gets a little bored with the internet.. esp when you have spending more than 4 hours with it. But when the connection failed, i miss to facebooking & blogging VERY much. It's funny, how we tend to take things for granted and ONLY realized how important it is when it's gone. It's like how a stranger become a lover.. and how a lover become a stranger. does all of these make sense? Ah well, life is like that. I shouldnt be worried too much! it will only smooths the aging process. IM NOT READY TO GET OLD. seriously am.

As i browsing all the comments in my V-C-P's FB [very close person, in case you dont know], i found one comment from this lady which is, for me, very rude....... okay, too nice to say that way. It's fucking irritating. Me and him were exchanging stories that is, in fact, only both of us know and suddenly this unknown-lady commented on it.. like " Eleh.. ni pun nak kecoh" or something like that ..obviously, we werent talking about her. Im not that mad but i just felt ... annoyed. Tapi kenapala my dear VCP mau kasi approved if he dont know her... :P that's his right anyhow.. i shouldnt crossed the line. hehehe sometimes, you cant be too nice to people, right? specifically : STRANGER.

Change Topic.
Im thinking about him. How is he doing? does he takes the loss well? or is he needs someone to lean a shoulder? I feel bad ..He's always been there for me and my bestfriend. listening to him is the least i can do. I try to be in his shoes.. and it fits perfectly. Ive been in that situation.. when i lost my dearly Grandpa.. It hurts. Really really bad. I should have taken care of him more well but i missed the chance. He called my name before he died, and that was my biggest regret. I wasnt at his side. They burried him before i got home. That's pretty sad. I cant give my Grandpa the last respect.. i can understand so well how he feel right now.

Be Strong! i know you can do that!

sometimes.. life can be rough. But that doesnt mean we have to give up. Keep on walking instead.. and cherish your surrounds before it's too late.


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Cath J said...

I agree with you.. We should think 1st before approving strangers on our FB... *Sigh*... susah juga ohh...

BTW.. have a nice day today ya.. ^_^