Thursday, March 18, 2010

Be Specific!

i cant sleep! My eyes trying the best it can to rest but nah, Failed! Red alarm guys. Im facing this prob ever since i become the officially-unemployed-person. And again, the ugly truth, i woke up late - almost everyday. Trust me, u dont wanna know the time. *PENGSAN*

I found this Be Specific quite funny indeed. I fall in love with Casey James, the top 12 American Idol season 9 fyi. I love all the songs he sang esp Heaven/You'll think of me .. oh, and it sucks to know Lily Scott was Out from the game! Booooo! - Back to d story.. i was googling Casey's images just a few moment ago, but FUNNY what, it wasnt my Casey appeared on my screen, it was this :

wakaka! It's somekind of Porn's web i supposed.
im laughing alone. i even looked at these WOMEN's faces in case they were Casey's in opposite form. Funny Funny.

I try to google again, this time i type in full information

and yesh, it's my Casey on the screen.

He's awesome dont u think?
He have a great voice! that's sexy. hihihi

Anyway, i learn the lesson!
If you need something, You have to be SPECIFIC!
if i googled it correctly earlier, i wouldnt crossed the porn's web, right?
Let's take this example, like Praying. you're praying and asking God.. let's say .. like this:

You: God, i pray to be King.

and one day, your prayer is answered without your knowing. You do become a King but still, you're not satisfied with it, and you keep complaining "This is not what i prayed for"

You dont own any money, gold, big house, estates, people or any King you can define for. But you do have lots of .. shoes! or clothes! or books! or bags! .. that people labeled you as - King of shoes, King of Clothes, King of Books, King of Bags. - You're crying out loud, telling the world how God didnt answer your prayer while in the other hand, God is only doing His job, listening your prayer. and IT IS answered, in a different way.

i give you this idea, why don't you try :

You: I pray to be King of myself.

let's see if that's working :D

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Rhythm of My Soul said...

I AGREE 200%...! Betul juga ko ckp tu ninie...something to think of..Thanks.. :)