Monday, February 15, 2010

Boring Monday.

Nothing much to do today.. it goes almost the same like previously. Looks like i'll be having the same routine for next couple of days *sigh. Yes, it's totally BORING! but im in-making few plans for next Sunday & Monday now.. like movies and window shopping :D i have VALENTINE'S DAY on my mind now - Taylor Swift and Taylor Jacob are in that movie. should be interesting :D

& lots of famous stars on it!
Tia mau missed!

Im still in the mood to finish my Eclipse.. i remember i first read it on last christmas, my sister ordered from US since KK was out of stock.. My aunty saw it and she asked if it's a normal reading book.. i replied " no, lain dari yang lain" and she said " Ooo.. mcm BIBLE ni "

Trus t'diam ni. BAIKLAH. hahaha. Tebal ba mcm bible. hehehe

and its' brother waiting for me to be read.

I cant wait to know the ending. I want a SATISFY ending. Oh, before me and my sister went out just now, we actually sempat watched HIP KOREAN which tells a story about the charming Rain. Baru tauu ni banyak-banyak pasal dia. He grew up in a sad way.. His mom passed away before he released his first album. He work really hard for his life. Pretty sad :(

Sarangheo Jung Ji Hoon @ Rain!
All d best in your life.

Should REALLY stop blogging for now.
Til then.. Cheers!

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