Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday Freak.

Fuh! whatta day.
I felt like a million stones rest on my shoulder.
Going back to Ranau tomorrow - i hope everything going to be just fine. huhuhu.. I seriously dunno how to explain to my dearest family nemore. I lost my words. But one thing for sure, Ive never meant to hurt any of them. Esp my parents.. i love them to death :( and hurting them is the last thing on my mind. Things happened anyhow. i cant turn back the time and i know sayin is sorry is not enough to fix everything. i wish i can do something that will satisfy everyone. *sigh* feel extremely bad. I tried to ignore and forget all these craps but it keeps hunting me. I dream and woke up with a weird dream this subuh/morning. I dunno how to describe it best but i knew, something is going on. bad/good. both. *sigh

Well, guess blogging is the only way i can do to express how i feel. The most important persons were there for me when i need them the most. I love them :( and i feel SO SO SO SO sorry to my mum and dad. I didnt mean to hurt you both. :( If you knew me well. you'll know im not doing it because for fun, but because i really am into it :(

Fuh. It's very challenge myself. I know im strong enough to fight this till the end. to Convince them that im still their little sister/daughter. The same person but with her own decision in life. I know im still learning, and im not that independent girl they see.. but hopefully, someday i can prove them that i can do things on my way, with their support :)

I skip clubbing today. hahaha! Yes, it sounds bad to certain people, but as long you didnt do any bad things like drugs etc. i think, it's one of the perfect place you can actually release and enjoy yourself, esp when you have the chance to dance to any move you want. hehehe .. it's fun :) It's almost 1 am in the morning, but im still wandering here @ McD :D hehehe.. lepas ni, mau cari kawan mau p tingu Ponds @ Auuuww. hehehehehe :D Owh, and i miss Burger King's onion ring. It's way better than i have now..

Well, that's it. Pray so i can come back home safely :D
Cheers! xoxo.

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