Friday, February 12, 2010

One afternoon with the Japanese Lad.

Ok, so this is how the stories goes.

5 years ago, when i was still working with the tourism company, me and friend were expecting of a Japanese guests ( which was a bug group of the day ) to arrive. That moment, my friend brought this Japanese dictionary for us to communicate well with them, since .. u know, some japanese cant really understand english right.. so, I learn 'Ogenki Desuka' which means How Are You.. I tried to look for others words but i cannot memorize them well.. until the Japanese came to our counter.. with a big smile on his face, he said:


I goes : Hi, Konnichiwa!

Him : Oohh, konnichiwa san!

I replied : Ogenki Desuka?

Him: Ooo.. Ogenki... bla bla... bla... bla (all in japan)

I looked at him, looking so blurry yet giving him a confidence looks and replied : Hehehehehehe..

and he asking: bla bla bla bla bla?? (again, in japan.. but i seriously dunno what was it)

Me: hehehe.. anyway sir, you want to check in?

Him: ????

Hahaha! padan muka sendiri! Men pandai-pandai kan. hahaha me and friend trying our best to hold our laughter! geez.. it's a disease haha

Anway, moral of the story : Len ari, jan pandai2 :D

That's it for now, til then, cheers!

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