Thursday, February 4, 2010


My mind sicks at the moment. been thinking about everything ALOT. it's so not kwel :'( but anyway.. Im going to make a vow this year. hahahaha! i mean, to travel more than 3 countries at least. new environment, new cultures, new people and new experience! :D

and :
i want to have a permanent job!!
i want to grow my hair longer
i want to be a lady :P
i want to be his
i want to have my own car

But who say it wont be fulfilled?


i told you my mind cant work right recently. hoho.
I miss my girls and my bestfriends during my 3 years Dip time.
Owh, i want toooo make friends with PERTH's people. at least, one? :P


and, i hate the guy sitting next to me. cause he's keep peeping on what im doing, searching or even clicking. SOT!


Owh, my bro's gf is at home now. she's getting prettier, esp her hair. i miss my long hair :( even it's already berbuah-buahan banyak. huhuhu and her friend, Pearl is cool! altho they keep sayin OMG.OMG.OMG. even the sapi they said KERBAU. hehe. ENTERTAINMENT ba. im not laughing, i swear.

oh, again. im in love with KOREAN songs, movies and guys? No. cant be. Someone will get mad at me. hehe. I supposedly printing my work ba this tapi .. malas? . Nope, i wanna be the rajin girl this year and years after. belajar ba. Manatau kan. Boring ba blum kawin ni. haahahahahahahahhahahahhahaha! Getek!

Right now, i hate thinking negative. seriously. i wanna be ME. myself. to be just HAPPY. i dont wanna give those probs a damn. :D

Well, im going to make some puddings tonight ^^ :D hehehe.. yeah2.

Tomorrow? I'll be in LOVE. trust me, u dont wanna know. hahaha!

That's it. til then' chau!

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