Monday, February 15, 2010

Cuti-cuti SABAH.

Last month, me and my two darlings - Calleigh and Gomoi were on the plane to Sandakan. A 45 minutes journey did excited us since it's my second time step on this land.. And the first time was in YEARS before :P Cuti-cuti Sabah :D supports your local tourism! haha

It was a fun journey ^^ We stayed at Tyng Garden Hotel and went to Rainforest, Sepilok, Taman Buaya, Agnes Keith's House, English Tea House, Midnight sneaks of the city and some other places :D

and i have a surprised romantic dinner at Sabah Hotel on the second day's evening :') It was memorable! and i wore my black silver dress on that night :P i ate ABC means LOVE YOU and the mixed ice cream which means MISS YOU. so sweet!! :')

before there's more sparkling fall on my cheeks.. :P let browse through these some pictures which im gladly to share with you all :D

This was during our walks through the jungle! I thought we'll passed some unique & beautiful lodges which turn out it was TREES along the way. It's awesome. i always fond on nature :D

Calleigh on the Canopy. She's a real monster. i mean, she walking on it like she's not on the hundred feets from the ground. She dont even care the height! *salute*

Below : Gomoi at the Sepilok.
It was raining heavily soon after they feed the monkeys/orang utans, i had to run on my heels! and i falled - Urgh.

Later ;

we bought a Sepilok's shirts which cost MYR45.00 each since we're blessed with the rain. Oh, and we headed to Taman Buaya.. It's 30 minutes before they closed the place. Lucky us! :P Yes, thousand of crocodiles were relaxing there.
There's a baby monkey!
She/He's cute to death!

This is Agnes Keith's house.
We seriously think and sure, we did saw Agnes' Daughter & Granddaughter. They look alike pretty much!

Below ;
She's the waitress at the English Tea House.
Very sombong and sooo not friendly.
we have money bha!
but i like her uniform.
Gomoi said she's sooo match with her orang gaji during her stay in UK.

Memorial Park.
I love the trees.. it reminds me of Twilight.
Was i on the screen too? :p


i miss Gentingmas. They have many cheaps fake eyelashes, its glue and many other things!! :P anyway, Speaking of twililght, i make a vow to myself.. to finish the Eclipse this week [ hundred of pages left ] cause i wanna spend my 12-hours on the plane with Breaking Dawn next week! Phew! times did running sooo fast! but im glad it did.

That's it for now, cheers! :D

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