Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello sunday!

Bella : Is there anything i can do, at least, to make you happy?
Edward : You makes me happy by only breathing..


He's sweet!! :D

Hi guys, happy Sunday :D i woke up quite early this morning, it is so not me.. but to stop my mum from keep on nagging, i choose to Obey. :P Anyway, It's a lovely morning to starts with, i got to spend my quality times with my Damien Ryan.. He's been acting really cold to me for the pass few days but sukurrr.... he finally allow my inner-auntie-spirit to show hehe and to reason why mum and me kidnapped him this morning, because of the lion dance.. :D He's so scared, and it's cute. haha because he kept tighten his hand on my arms, it's kinda sweet esp when you dont have your everyday to spend with him. fyi, no matter how scared he was in front of the lion, he still kept asking us to follow it :D brave one :P even hiding inside. haha


i cant wait to have a baby of my own. muahahahahahaha!
macam sinang. wah!

Hupp, Tomorrow's waiting for us to discover!
I have so many things on my mind now -_-

But no worries, let just be happy, shall we?

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