Friday, February 12, 2010

Countdown to CNY.

Changed my layout! hehe to start a fresh new life :D Was thinking alot last night, im glad everything back to the way it used to be already.. My thought buried with my dreams last night, owh.. The dream was freaking weird actually. The faces came back to me.. again ; i think i have to meet them pretty soon to make things clear. Hurm.

@ kfc now, is here for more than 2 hours already.. haha! my seat's neighbor keep changing.. and im still here. but who cares anyway? i paid my food! and i still have my cheesy wedges here :D By the way, will be gathering with my two darlings tomorrow.. There's a family dinner at Cely's cribs tomorrow.. and we're invited :') hehe i always took her family like my own.. hehehe Both cely and cycak will have a long holiday.. geez, i dont have to spend my time aloneee for a week :d yay! Gomoi will be celebrating CNY at her husband's home in Sibu, Mimut in KL and Ujie? hope to meet her here :D

I dont wanna stuck at home - alone.. It's sooo not kwel :(
TV? Karaoke? Internet? Food?
Nothing of these can changed my mood

1 more week before fly off! Geez... cannot wait, cannot wait..
Im running out of clothes!!
I need to find a new one!

Well, another day is gone. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring more sunshine to me. Cheers! keep on walking ninie! :D

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