Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gong Xi Fa ChAi!

Gong Xi Ni .. Gong Xi Ni..
[ when i blogged just now, i forgot today's chinese new year, until i saw my brother's FB! :P ]

To all my chinese friends and relatives ;
Many lucks
Many properties
Many Angpow
Many Food?

Have a blast aa!

Yesterday, around 4.10pm my buddy fetch me di rumah and straightly we heading to Cely's house. Semangat mau gong xi, gong xi.. hehe We helps them before all the guest started to arrive around 6pm.. I ate alot ni. Until my perut grew bigger than usual :P Oh, Ranau macam sedang bperang ni semalam. semua pun compete with each other bakar mercun/bunga api! Tapi it was pretty awesome!!! Tho i lost my JANTUNG sooo many times last night, the firecrackers was damn beautiful!! I was on the phone with him when the first firecracker exploded. I scream sooo loud and he was like :

what happen? what happen?

Kesian dia.

We used to go Aunty's Utut house every CNY'S eve but not this year, cause aunty's brother had just passed away last year.

Well anyway folks,
Gong xi fa chai!! :D

*will update with more pictures*

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