Friday, February 19, 2010

a little wise

no one can take that title away from me, seriously, AND im not proud if it no matter what. hoho
I caught myself spending lots of times with sleeping and TV nowadays.. ever since i moved back to the lovely Ranau. It shows how malas i am.. i do some houseworks still, but as i told you, i did the same routine almost everyday! it gets a little boring sometimes.. huh. at times, i didnt like the time passing me by that soon but now, i like how faster it goes. Hihi. I'll be heading to kk tomorrow's afternoon, mau p tunjuk bintang later in the evening and shopping on Sunday with my sister. cant wait, cant wait. We'll be on board in this coming next few days. i should been doing my packing at the moment but i still dunno what to bring -_- im EXCITED juga ni. FINALLY, i'll be flying there ; one in my top wishing list :D

AMERICAN IDOL!! finally to its 24's finalist! I love Casey and Didi. They have a unique yet beautiful voice. i wish i can sing and play the instrument like them, it awesome!! Hopefully they will make it to the top 12. Finger crossed guys!

Oh, my dad has a FB! OMG!! it's kinda funny for me since we, the whole family are now, own a fb. Esp my parents.. now, i have to berebut with my dad. Last time, it's my mum. now, BOTH. Nightmare!! dush dush!!

Breaking Dawn update : Bella is PREGNANT!! :D and it's really cool to have a baby with a vampire.. and how the child will soon become Bella's bestfriend-crush, Jacob's girlfriend. [complicated as it seems] haha i think i have a crush on Seth. the 15 years old wolf. he's cute. from how he react. hoho

That's it. :D another stories for another day. til then, cheers!

" Pleasure of love lasts but a moment, Pain of love lasts a lifetime " - Bette Davis

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