Sunday, February 14, 2010

Purple for March 13th

We'll be wearing purple for my sister's wedding this coming March~
I dont have to do all the planning since it'll be held at the Groom's residence.
Our house? We havent decide the date.. yet.
But im eager to plan for the ceremony.. haha
So, few weeks left before the actual date.. i have to make purple dress/baju kurung. Still. dunno what kind of clothes it will be. Maybe a dress with a baby jacket or baju kurung. Gosh, give me ideas!! :D

so, here's some dress i managed to google.

No idea! ... yes, im more excited than my sister.. haha!! she have all the dress already okay, and all of them are lovely! :D so, i should find the one that match with the wedding......... by now :P

will update!

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