Sunday, February 7, 2010

Having a blast!

Located exactly at McD at this moment. Wi-fi, wi-fi. My modem broken ba tiba-tiba ni, terpaksa minta ehsan dari mana2 kedai yg da wi-fi. hehehe Anyway, now i started to like clubbing :P i danced without thinking of what others' judge.. Love it. Love it :D at least, im having fun. Aries, Nina, Ken, my Dr, and lots of name i didnt actually dont know. hahaha. but it was great. awesome. The band best ni!!

Sad thing happened actually and i felt terribly sorry :( i lost my words already. I really dunno how to explain anymore. I am more like Que Sara Sara lately, Whatever will be, will be..

Oh, JANE!! my dearest buddy. She's engaged! and without my knowing????? huhuhu. but im sooo happy for her :) they meant for each other. They looks sweet together.. hehe will, jaga daling sa bagus2 aa.. :D

Ah well, whatta day. Tomorrow i'll be meeting with two VVIP - very very important Princess! Gomoi and Ujie. hehehe :D will update soon!! gotta go.

Nite2 everyone.

p/s: ive got a nice baby-T today :')

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