Sunday, February 14, 2010

February, 14th 2010

Happy Valentine's Day people!!

O yeahhh.. It's a day for the lovers and the lovers wannabes. I used to tell people that my birthday fall on this date :P and many of them believes. haha! Tell you the truth, supposedly, im the February's child which was ONLY delivered on July, 3th! after Few months passed! haha HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY!! I didnt actually celebrate it, only staying at home and went out with my sister this afternoon.. the only person i have to date with is my sister :P

In theory, i only knew today is the day for all the sinta-sinta ( and for me, everyday's valentine! :D ).. In practical, i usually spend 'today' with hang around with my buddies and man like years before, and i also knew today is the day im supposed to go out dating with someone.. Not because of the VALENTINE's spirit, but because of the supposed-monthsary-day for me and him :( It's too complicated to mention here.. I seriously hope we both can hang out together soon without hiding like how two close friends should be :)

i miss the moments when everything was on my feet - NORMAL and FREEDOM?

Good days will come after those rough days i guess.. and by that time arrives, i want to hold it tightly, cherish it to the fullest, bring it close to my heart and will never let it fly .. again :)

But anyway, this video reminds me of those days :')

Good days will come, remember? hehe.. well, that's it for now folks. Have a wonderful days ahead.. Happy Lover's day!! :)

This IS my favourite! :D

Cheers everyone!

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