Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ghost whisperer

Been hearing voices lately and it's totally freaking me out. Especially when you thought they're REALLY there but you cannot see them. Like what happened yesterday, around 7.45pm or something.. I was sitting on the couch, watching the TV, alone and suddenly i heard my mum calling me from downstairs... it goes something like this ' Niiiiee' very loud and clear. fyi, I have 3 empty houses as my neighbours

i went to the balcony right after, watching around.. and calling my mum.. for a several times. I even went to the stairs to check if she was there. but i see no one but the puppies playin biting each other.. anyway, i grabbed my phone, called my mum.

Mum: Hello
Me: mami mana?
Mum: Rumah Anty Masnah, kenapa?
Me: Owh....

and i hung up. I tried to get on my sense again, to convince myself that maybe im being too paranoid of something. Then the afternoon incident flashed on my mind.. trying to find the connection between these two.

That afternoon
, i was lying on my bed while reading my book.. - alone. It was a fine afternoon.. when suddenly the light on my bedroom was on. It seems like somebody had switched the light on. Second after, the fan was also ON. i was like ..... okay.. Nobody's at home. FOR SURE. i looked at the switch, and figuring how it can functioned automatically -itself -alone. Hurm. I swear i havent touched the switch that afternoon.


maybe i owned the skills to switched them on - from a distance? I dunno.
maybe i have a friend but i cannot actually see him/her thru my eyes. i dunno
maybe im too stressed that these happen as my imagination? i dunno.

Owh, ive been hearing voices for a week already!
terrified eh. but hopefully, nothing bad will happen la. huhuhu

Trust in God :D hehehe

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