Monday, February 8, 2010

A new resolution and a commitment of doing it.

i suppose going back Ranau today but i missed the bus/taxi/unser :( I have an open ticket for KK-RANAU-KK anyway!! It's for within 3 months :D Ah well, overnight @ kk for another day should be fine.. tho my families urged me to go back today.. They worried, i understand. Owh, i tried to think about my 2010's resolution these days, yes.. a month passed but it's never too late to make one :D I have these in mind ;

To prove them i can manage my own life without burdening them

To makes my family satisfy with everything i do - including things they like and dislike

To makes them HAPPY

To have a permanent job and a car, at least.

To be an independent LADY.

Hopefully i can fulfilled these ^^ im 26 years old this year, i should have learn to manage my life, i depends too much with my family and my loved ones.. i should have doing something for them in return.. i found myself thinking too much this time around :( and i think, it's a bad thing :D

well, life goes on.

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