Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stupid Monkey.

Howie guys.
Last night sharply at 23:46 i finally finished the Eclipse! Hurray!
and Here we come, Breaking Dawn!
Jacob went missing somewhere in the southern Canada -_-
But YES, Bella is officially become the Cullen! :D

Okay, i know. People finished reading these for PERIOD already and i had just started. But.. who cares! Haha

Anyway, i woke up really late today due to kemalasan disease
and went out to settle some things like altering my clothes, Laminated my IC and internet. I havent got the time yet to go Celcom Centre to fix my modem :( will off to kk this saturday and it's weekend! it's dancing day hehehehe ' Oooo.. you got me hatin in the club... ooo'

We were surprised by those stupid people last night.. was it last night? No.. It's EARLY in the morning.. i mean, Too Early for me and my family to wake up just because of the stupid people. A bunch of a freak monkeys came to our house aroud 4-5 AM, looking for my little brother because they accused him to broke someone's car when in truth, my brother was at his room with his friends jamming all day. hearing the truth, the monkey then said it's my little brother's brother who did the damage. Dont they know he's the youngest? Stupid asshole. Dad was really mad at my brother cause he actually believes the monkey's. Stupid eh? YES. Mum being herself as always, do the comforting in between. Luckily, the monkeys were gone before Dad pointing his PISAU RAMBO to them :P To those monkeys, next time check dulu.. We dont have time for this drama. we need sleep. Esp ME. that's why i woke soo late :P [alasan lagi..] budus kan ni orang. kalau sa tau nama dorang ni, sa tulis suda basar-basar. Bikin samak d dunia seja.

Well.. let's end this with a smile, shall we? hehe

Til then ladies and gent, Have a shining day.

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