Friday, February 26, 2010

Caversman Wildlife Park

Tired! but it's worth :D that's something i actually cannot complaint cause i did actually enjoyed it. hehe Today, we going to Caversman Wildlife Park which tooks about 50-40 minutes to reach there, switching two buses with two FRIENDLY bus drivers :).. hehe We got to see Kanggaroo and Koala!!!!! my first time, honestly.. Ive never seen one in Sabah or any other heritage site.. :) But they were.. OMG! pretty cute!! esp the koalas.. they sleep for like 20 hours a day.. to save energy. Funny how it sounds since they'll only wake up for 4 hours to dispose their energenies? But they're awesome!! :D and it's FREAKING HOT there.. i almost pengsan!! huhu.. One of the park's staff mentioned that the heat was rising to 52 degree.. and it's not usual than any other Summer season. Summer in Aussie kills us. huh.

Later in the evening, we went to Beach.. one of Swan Lake's area i supposed? or was it Calmont area? I dunno. i forgot. but the place is damn beautiful!! Lots and lots of swan on the sand, many couples/families/friends were chilling out there.. Some surfing, some walking, some kissing.. ouch! hehe But it was a lovely place. I bet it's more beautiful in the morning, but we just cant stand the heat. Then we headed to one of the bar on the side.. Leng's friend took us there, to listen music and dancing. Headache caused me to stay still on the seat. I didnt moved but ONLY to the toilet. Plus, i cannot contact my man :( Which turns to be really sad for me -_- anyway, they were absolutely fun! Friendly and nice :) hehe they believes im 15 years old and no BEER! haha perasan eh kana ckap 15,

Well, tomorrow's waiting for us to discover. new place, new experience to gain :)
will update again.
to someone back at home, i miss you.


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